Milwaukee Railroad Shops Ag/Rail Festival

27 Aug

Recently the Milwaukee Railroad Shops in Sioux City, Iowa, held an agriculture / railroad festival highlighting the two past job occupations. Local farmer John Comes demonstrated threshing as harvesting used to be done, and another local person David Bogenrief showed off a two-hole corn sheller and other small engines that used to power equipment for farming and other labors. Of course there were the rail cars and “normal” railroad features that are always present at the Historic Shops district. But I spent most of my time around the antique tractors, remembering them as a boy growing up in Illinois that neighbor farmers used for their small farms. It’s always nice to see how life used to be, both simpler in some ways, and yet today the difference in “tools” that are available are quite dramatic. It gives one a chance to pause and realize how far technology has come, and decide for themselves if it has made life simpler or more complicated.

The Railroad Shops district is a gem for the community connecting past history to the present so those visiting can understand a little more about the local history and appreciate how today’s life differs from the past. As it has been stated in the past, it’s alway good to know where you have been so you know where you are going. The during the Ag/Rail Festival people get a chance to see how people of an older generation worked hard for what they acquired. More photos can be found here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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