Fall Season in Siouxland, Rural Western Iowa

2 Oct

Like many people who are asked the question what is your favorite time of year, I too, like Fall. Although I did add some images I made earlier this year, in summer. But with those crisp mornings in Siouxland, the fresh smell in the air, sometimes wood smoke from neighbors fire places brings back memories. Or if you are driving in the country, farmers burning leaves, which is something I remember as a child growing up on a  farm in Illinois. The quality of light from the sun as well, not the harsh light of summer, but at a more oblique angle the view is softer, richer in a way, that compliments and brings out the colors of Fall with the changing color of the leaves.

It is a favorite time of year for many to take drives into the country or around town and photograph the changing colors prior to that first snow or rain that washes away the leaves, and leaves many an enthusiast saddened, and resigned, to pull out the rake and get the yard ready for winter.
Enjoy the view. I hope to add more prior to that rain or snow fall here in the Siouxland area. Reprints for those not able to get and make their own photographs are here.
Jerry Mennenga
Sioux City

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