Photographer David Plowden visits Sioux City

11 Nov

Black and white photographer David Plowden visited Sioux City, Iowa, this past weekend. Speaking at the Betty Strong Encounter Center about his collected work, with emphasis on those photographs he has taken in Iowa. Currently Plowden’s travelling  exhibit, “David Plowden’s Iowa’ can be seen at the Center. In a recent article by the Chicago Tribune, Plowden noted that he arrives at a late hour to preserve defining iconic places in America by photographing them before they disappear. Plowden has published a number of books preserving a past that is no long with us. Titles include: “End of an Era: The Last of the Great Lakes Steamboats”, “A Handful of Dust: Disappearing America”, Bridges:The Spans of North America”, “Requiem for Steam: The Railroad Photographs of David Plowden”, “David Plowden: Vanishing Point: Fifty Years of Photographs”, and “David Plowden: The American Barn”.

Mr. Plowden talked about his passion for photographing disappearing icons of the American past or soon to be past, and his like for doing his work in black and white. But Mr. Plowden emphasized that his work is really about exploring a part of America that people seem to forget, that part of America commonly referred to as fly-over America. His rememberance of people’s names he met in the 1970’s and ’80’s, and his joy in recalling those encounters. His genuine affection for the people he met is very evident as he related stories to the attending audience. Mr. Plowden’s work, all done with a view camera, is a joy to behold and something that budding photographers and others should avail themselves of and enjoy the quiet solitude that his work evokes.His exhibit runs until Jan. 13, 2013.

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