Siouxland Weather, Woodbury County

26 Jan

I have lived and worked in five different states. And in each state there is always the same but different variation to the statement, “The weather? Just wait a minute and it will change,” becomes something different than it was previously. But somehow that simple statement seems like it is becoming more prominent in recent years with extreme weather swings. And it depends on what you want to personally believe and which websites online one reads or searches out. I always found that by reading various sites pro and con, the truth, or what information there is lays somewhere in between. This January here in Northwest Iowa, or Siouxland, the days have been nice, almost hitting 40 degrees, and brutal, hitting zero or single and double digit temperatures. The wind chill makes the temperature hit minus zero degrees. Recently I went out to photograph one afternoon when the weather was nice, sunny and warm, but changing. The following morning it snowed. Not tremendously, but the landscaped changed and the temperatures dropped, and then the wind picked up and the brutal cold revisited the area.

It seems people’s views will always be open to speculation  about the temperature. But in the moment, whenever that moment occurs, the weather is what it is. Enjoy it not, just wait, and it will change. And depending on one’s individual take, for the better or the worse.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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