Siouxland Music Festival, Etheridge and Sublime with Rome, Sioux City

7 Jul

Every year for the past 23 years, there has been a free music festival in Sioux City, Iowa. Donations are gathered and various bands contacted to see who might be able to play at Saturday in the Park, otherwise now referred to as SITP. This year the line-up consisted of the Kris Lager Band, ZZ ward, Sublime with Rome, The Dirty Heads and Melissa Etheridge. Quite an eclectic combination. The festival itself has grown, and different genres of music  have played. It seems that past performances were more weighted toward the blues. But in recent years, rock and indie bands have been making appearances. The festival always occurs the first weekend following the 4th of July holiday.

It was fun people watching this year. It’s always fun, but when the music lovers of Sublime with Rome left the area, they were replaced with possible their parents who came to see Melissa Etheridge. Some years it can get quite toasty. The temperature was near or around 90 degrees and announcers before the bands and after the bands played kept telling people to drink water. They are plenty of food vendors, rides and activities for children and other vendors with wearable items. So the crowd and attendees are a bit eclectic themselves, and always well behaved which makes it family friendly. Although it was tough to see young parents up close to the stage with their wee babes, and only see one parent place noise canceling headphones on their child’s ears so their hearing wouldn’t be damaged. It is a nice venue, the bands play on an outdoor amphitheater built during the era when WPA projects were underway, during the time of the 1930’s depression.

And tonight, at the outdoor amphitheatre, the Sioux City Municipal Band will be playing. Yes, a different kind of crowd, but there might possibly be some crossovers. Maybe wine, cheese and crackers tonight, instead of beer.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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