Siouxland through a Holga lens, Sioux City

25 Jul

From time to time I like to photograph with my plastic Holga lens. Like its film predecessor, the lens allows a person to shoot with the knowledge of low quality imagery with imperfections. The lenses made for shooting with digital dslr’s ( a variety of makes and models) do not give quite the same affect as the older plastic Holga film cameras, or the Diana camera that was so popular, but you can still get some nice effects. I think that these newer lenses can’t replicate the light leaks and other maladies that the film cameras created, often by happenstance, which lent such an other quality to images. The Holga camera, and now the digital lenses give some nice affects. The lenses are not really that expensive, maybe 2-3 latte drinks, and a nice way to kick start the way one sees subjects, whether people or objects. It’s nice to step outside your comfort zone sometimes.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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