Pets in Siouxland

26 Jul

I grew up on a small farm and so have been exposed to a variety of animals quite a number of years before leaving home.  My father and mother milked dairy cows, raised pigs and chickens and we had barn cats and a pet dog. After leaving home, finishing college and then pursuing a career, I was petless for a number of years, because it one just can’t have one and not care of it. Well, a persons should not have a pet or pets if they are not going to take care of them, that is seeing they get regular veterinarian care as well as spending time with them. I found that having a cat was the easier option, in that they are more independent that dogs and with a litter box and a bowl of food, one can leave them for a two-day trip and not find the house in shambles upon your return.

When working in Louisiana I acquired a cat by default. Someone “nice” person had left a kitten on a street in town in a box hoping it would get run over. There are those people we all know who are brimming with compassion. A co-worker talked me into taking it. That cat was a little wild, and eventually we made a truce and it “allowed” me to occasionally pet it when it was in the mood. But the little stinker got out one day before I had it spayed and returned three days later. I had given up hope. And a few months later, she had a family.

My journey with pet cats has continued. When moving to Sioux City via California and another job I still had that kitten and one of her kittens with me. It was sad when they both passed on, as the cat became friendly over time. I think it just took pity on me. And the kitten of that cat had had its own adventures from which I rescued it a couple of times. I acquired over time some more rescue cats who currently live with me.

So I like animals. The neighbors new puppy is always glad to see me. And a new cat in the neighborhood is another ad hoc addition to my small crew as it comes and goes, mostly looking for a snack or quick drink of water as it wanders the neighborhood. It likes hanging out with the youngest member of my clan who doesn’t always appreciate the company, and my other cat, which is older, tolerates the youngster as long as it doesn’t bother its nap time, which is most of the time.  And I guess the neighbor cat has gotten comfortable, because on a very hot and humid afternoon, after its snack, it decided a quick nap was just the thing before heading back out for more adventure before going to its own home.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

cat siesta Next door cat

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