Praying Mantis visits Siouxland

27 Aug

I like the outdoors. Going for hikes, bike riding, shooting tons of photos of landscapes and such. I am not always a big fan of insects, mostly the annoying kind. But a fascinating one that always catches my attention is the praying mantis. It moves so deliberately, as though it is calculating what each motion means. I went to get an oil change this morning at a dealership and was getting into my vehicle after it was done when I happened to look at another vehicle sitting nearby, and there was this praying mantis. The large insect that is really very invisible most of the time, sitting on some chrome by this vehicle’s windshield. I watched it for a bit while it was deciding what it was going to do. Then I thought, these creatures are so cool and I don’t have a camera. I was about to pull away when I thought, I do have a camera, in my cell phone. So I got it out, and took a few photos. Remembering to frame blue sky behind the backlit creature so it would be easier to correct in Photoshop, and trying to shoot as close as possible so the little guy wouldn’t get lost in the landscape.

I don’t often shoot with my phone. Maybe some text of something I read to remind me later to look it up. I found that the focus is a little slow and I had to be deliberate to make certain the bug was sharp. And without an viewfinder, it was hard to see the backlit creature. But I got lucky and got a couple of nice shots. Hoping it might find a more hospital environment like grass or weeds where it would blend in more.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa


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