Siouxland’s Oz, Maybe, Sioux City

3 Sep

It’s already September and local schools are underway. I teach a couple of photo courses mainly attended by adults who want to learn a little more about photography and so time will become a bit more hectic in the coming months. And I have projects I need to finish, but somehow find something else to do instead. I recently completed a very short video of impressions of the city I live in using some images I have taken over a while, accompanied by some music I created with a program called Garage Band, which comes with every Mac laptop I have purchased the last few years. I like music, although I don’t always go out of my way to see live bands. I lean toward classical, jazz, world music, some electronica, ambient sound music and blue grass.

I missed a festival this year that I need to attend next year, which is something I said last year. But next year I do need to follow through on that. So recently I played around a bit with Garage Band. It has presets with instruments and music loops. I don’t really know anything about music except that there are notes, minor and major keys, different rhythms and tons of possibilities. It’s fun and good I think to do something completely different time to time, and just be creative no matter how it turns out. So I put together this short video to see what happens. At least if someone throws a tomato, it will hit their screen and not mine.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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