Summer, take 2, in Siouxland

9 Sep

It’s September, 2013, and although it’s not yet officially Fall, which is 22 September according to the Almanac, it feels like the end of July and August. It is hot and muggy in Siouxland. The local school district school year began the end of August, and already, children in older schools that do not have air conditioning have already let out early a number of times. It’s beginning to be a sure bet that the children see more early outs from the heat, than snow days during winter, which when I was a young lad they didn’t happen often, but did happen.

I am not a big fan of heat or humidity. I tend to get up early most days, and when I can, go for a drive to look for photographic possibilities in the rural areas. Sometimes I may go later in the day, if the temperature has not soared into the high 90’s with a heat index of 105 degrees Fahrenhiet. When Fall actually happens and Daylight Savings time goes away, the sunrise and sunset becomes more manageable to photograph because there is less of a time to wait in between. This summer, after rain storms, when the following day or two the temperatures cool and clouds appear in the bright blue skies, I go looking. The photographs are just so much more striking.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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