Siouxland remembers Pearl Harbor, Sioux City

7 Dec

I attended a short ceremony today commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan which resulted in the death of many military personnel and civilians, and the prelude to the entrance of the United States into World War II. In the 1990’s I did a few different portraits of individual persons who served in the military. These three gentlemen were survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the time I was shooting film for the small northern California paper I worked for and so don’t have the mens’ names to pay tribute to them. Even after hearing these stories it’s almost impossible to realize what these men went through.

Pearl Harbor Veterans


Watching the ceremony today in Sioux City at the Morningside branch of the public library, it gives one pause, seeing the age of the men, and members of the audience, mostly north of 65, it’s sad to think that in a few years this momentous event will be remembered by   people living in the U.S. much like the battle of Gettysburg and the civil war, or the battle of the Argonne Forest fought during the first world war. No one in living memory will be around to remind us of the cost of these battles, and sadly, that great thought should be given before launching into another one, which members of Congress, although well-meaning, seem to think too lightly about the cost to those going into the fight. And this piece of history will be remembered like so many others before it, in books, if people read them. And hopefully learn from them as well.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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