Siouxland photography in Iowa pastels

15 Feb

Recently I have been revisiting some images I photographed when first moving to Siouxland, as well as some I also made in California and elsewhere before moving to Iowa. While in California I attended a few art classes when I had the opportunity and time away from work. One class was oil painting while the other was working with pastel media. The woman who taught these classes was an impressionistic painter, and whose name now escapes my memory. One of her admonitions she used to make was more color, you must add more color.

So I used some photographic prints made on watercolor paper to again try my hand in another art medium. One of the reasons I enjoyed working in oil and pastel is because it was created in 1/1000 of a second. Much like working with a 4X5 camera, which I also previously photographed with, one must slow down, look over the scene and then proceed, albeit more methodically. On some of these prints I added just a touch of color, in others I reworked them quite a bit creating more of a pastel print than a photographic one. even changing the tonality and color of the image than what it previously was done in.

Some photographers have always manipulated their prints, either through selective toning or using hand-tinting to hand color their photographs, once after prints got beyond daguerreotypes and tintypes , the use of a paper medium in processing prints made it much easier to manipulate the image prior to color photography. I find the process of selecting images that work and then the work of changing them a nice departure from day to day shooting and making prints and am glad I found that side path to explore once again.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa


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