Siouxland in the Dakota Territory, Yankton, SD

22 Apr

Not often enough do I take the opportunity to venture into South Dakota, a state that borders Iowa on its northwestern side and which is also part of Siouxland. But there are some nice places to visit. Yankton, South Dakota, is one such place that I wandered around for part of a day. It has a historic past, connected to the opening of the Dakota Territory of western lore and through which the Lewis and Clark expedition passed through. It helps that a major river, the Missouri River, runs through it. The downtown area is well preserved with a number of buildings still intact, but like with most cities currently, some storefronts sit empty. But it is a pedestrian friendly town with some downtown eateries, restaurant and bar types, and then a walk to a double decker pedestrian bridge, the former Meridian Highway Bridge, which was replaced with a newer, safer automobile crossing for the Missouri River. The bridge gives some nice views of the river and the surrounding community. It also looks like a Parisian tradition is trying to take hold, where lovers seal their affection for one another by placing locks on the bridge. It is a nice walk from there to Mount Marty College, a Christian liberal Arts school. Walking along the river front up through some quiet neighborhoods to the school one can just enjoy the solitude. I am sure I missed seeing some other sites in the area for the short period I was there, like driving further north to Gavin Dam, but for a pleasant spring day, it was a nice venture into an area that opened up the west to former settlers.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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