Siouxland’s kindred state park, Ft. Defiance

29 Jul

I visited Ft. Defiance State Park, in Estherville, Iowa, this past spring. It is a nice park. It is somewhat hidden from view and difficult to find without asking. Which I find curious. When I first did a search for the park, what I found on a State of Iowa site is that the park is located in Milford, Iowa. When I drove there, I found out the park is actually in Estherville. I drove around the small town, checked out a local city park, Mickelson City Park, but then I couldn’t find Ft. Defiance. I finally asked someone in the downtown area and they gave me directions. And funny that the same road that takes you to the city park, also takes you out to the state park. But there are no informational signs, via the city or the state of Iowa, that gives a visitor a clue where to find the park. 

It looks like it was built during the same era as Stone State Park in Sioux City. Same kind of stone structures, wooded acres, streams with running water, a nice place to spend an afternoon and walk about and listen to nature. A delight for locals for sure, and bewilderment to those visiting the area in trying to find such a nice place. But it is worth looking for and spending some time in.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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