First Siouxland snowfall gets sledders out, Sioux City

17 Nov

The first measurable snowfall hit Siouxland over the weekend, along with Arctic temperatures. But that didn’t deter youngsters and some parents from getting out and enjoying a little sledding at two popular places in Sioux City, Iowa. Grandview Park, with acceptable and non-acceptable sledding areas as well as Sertoma Park. The first has a small hill that is deemed safe by the city, the latter has a large hill that allows sledders to pick up some speed. And despite one parenting couple who thought their kids would only last 10 minutes in the 7 degree weather Sunday morning, they were surprised they lasted 10 minutes longer. Although the parents were enjoying their hot beverages inside a SUV with the motor and heater running.

A local news agency said warm temps are expected by the end of this week, meaning the Arctic deep freeze will have lasted almost 2 weeks with temperatures below freezing (32 degrees) for both days and nights. Add a little wind chill and the temps overnight were dropping to -8 degrees.

I love to snowshoe in the winter, but not in these temps, when you work to keep moving to stay warm as opposed to being outside enjoying the beauty of the scenery and the quiet of freshly fallen snow. Rather than counting the minutes to get back inside to where you can feel your toes again.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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