Lighted Christmas Parade in Siouxland, Le Mars

9 Dec

It’s always fun to attend the Le Mars, Iowa,  Sertoma Lighted Christmas parade each year when possible. For one thing, more than one Santa generally shows to participate, and the children never seem to mind or catch on. And there are generally a variety of entries. Afterwards, most people make their way to the Plymouth County Fairgrounds to attend the Pioneer Village Christmas event where they are decorated trees along with treats and hot drinks and cutouts for people to put their faces in to be photographed as well as horse drawn wagon rides. This year it was a balmy 32 degrees with no snow on the ground. So it was warm enough to enjoy without thinking you had lost your toes and fingers. People bundled up and enjoyed the festivities, with children pointing the figure in red and chasing down errant candy tossed from the passing parade.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

One Response to “Lighted Christmas Parade in Siouxland, Le Mars”

  1. Sara kreutz November 22, 2018 at 9:22 pm #

    If you make it out to pioneer village Dec 1st this year I plan to be doing bubbles for the kids. I’m talking massive amounts of bubbles or huge monster bubbles. If we get a nice night and plenty of kids they may go kind of crazy. Photos of kids with my bubbles have won spots in the Witchita Riverfest magazine and won the photograph contests held at their celebration . We should be outside the Santa house. Enjoy the wonder of the season.

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