Pets in Siouxland

7 Apr

Everyone, most everyone, has had a pet at one time or another. Growing up and living on a farm, there was one family dog and then the barn cats. Having been away from the farm many years, and inheriting a cat many, many years ago, which is now chasing mice in that cat heaven somewhere, I still have cats for pets. Generally, they are lower maintenance. No being there to let them in out and to take care of business when a litter box will do.

But no matter what kind of pet you have, dog, cat, gerbel, fish, mice, etc., they generally each have their own personality and traits which takes a little time to learn. I have an older cat, that these days likes to sleep, eat, and occasionally wants to be petted, and a younger cat, that still likes being a bit mischievous but can be sweet when it wants to be. Like people, you have to take them for who they are, and for all one’s foibles, they still like you at the end of the day.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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