Don’t Blink Driving through Siouxland’s Small Towns, Moneta

11 Jul

A few weeks ago I was driving in the northern part of Siouxland headed toward Iowa’s lake region when I saw the sign for Moneta, Iowa. Doing a search online does not yield many results with much information. The wikipedia entry says the small community in O’Brien County is unincorporated. I saw the sign and decided I would check it out. I actually drove past the community, shrouded in trees with a few homes scattered about. When I realized I must have passed it by, I turned around and then ventured into the area. At most 3-4 small city blocks. Not square mile Chicago style city blocks. And only gravel roads running through it. Which, in bad weather, is better than dirt roads which muddy up quickly and are hard to navigate.

When I come away from such a place with only a couple of images, and not images that really stand out, I again think of all the small towns throughout the U.S. that thrived at one time and now are slowly disappearing with only the few residents remaining that may know anything about the history of the place.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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