Siouxland bicycling trails, Le Mars

27 Jul

I used to be a runner. No marathons, nothing to prove to anyone, I just liked to run. Until the day my knees told me no more and my doctor said my meniscus was wearing out. Swollen knees and the inability to walk brought the point home. I like to be active, and while walking is fine, which I do plenty of when out hiking and photographing, I also like to move a bit quicker.

So I bought a bike a couple years ago. I am not an avid bike rider, especially in Sioux City where the car drivers are quite heinous when it comes to safety. So I have taken to strapping my bike to my car and going out of town. And it is surprising that in a number of small communities around the Siouxland area, there are some various nice bike trails. They safely navigate one through their town and out into the country. No sharing the streets with car drives more interested in viewing text messages than actually driving.

LeMars, Iowa, has a nice bike trail. Is not that far away, and after a good ride, one can always stop at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream parlour for a well deserved treat.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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