Brick and mortar a town does not make in Siouxland, Craig

23 Aug

I came upon another small community a while ago while out driving. And like so many now that I have seen, there are more boarded buildings in the “downtown” area than there are functioning businesses. As I walked about I met two different gentlemen that told me a little history of Craig, Iowa. According to statistics at the wikipedia site, Craig was never a large community. One gentleman told me his forebears ran businesses in the town, but mostly today it is a bedroom community. And I still find it fascinating to walk about and see what is there, most times some very nice older brick buildings not being utilized. And one can only imagine what life was like in the heyday of hustle and bustle. But at least this community has a functioning bank. So many do not. And what will it be like in another 10 years?

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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