Siouxland’s end of summer for car lovers, Le Mars

29 Aug

An organization, Tri-State Cruisers, holds get togethers throughout the Siouxland area. What might seem like impromptu call outs for those with classic cars to show up and compare notes, most like this one in Le Mars, Iowa, recently had a band, eats and treats (think Blue Bunny and then ice cream) and a lot of people walking about admiring classic cars of all sorts, old and newer. A very relaxed family friendly, maybe car-envy crowd to see these glistening road warriors.

In talking with one woman, she said she and her husband live in the country off a gravel road. When they attend one of these, they drive the quarter mile trip to the hardtop very slowly so as to not stir up a lot of dust. And they have their neighbors trained as well, in that they will stop or drive very slowly so as not to stir up a lot of dust. So that made me wonder as I walked around looking at these vehicles. Many of the owners found side streets and parked in open shade. Many others parked in the sun, and so I guess that the owners will forego a cool seat to park in the blazing sun rather than under a shade tree to keep birds from “damaging” the paint with droppings.

But it is sweet to see some of these restored vehicles and to hear the stories about them. I met A 94-year old man who was marveling at a couple of particular vehicles, although he said he had never owned any of these he saw. But you could see the glint of a young man’s twinkle in his eye and the possibility of getting out on the road cruising on a Sunday afternoon with your honey seated beside you and only roadway in front and a sunset behind.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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