Old Time Music in Siouxland, Le Mars

4 Sep

I have lived in the Siouxland area a little over a decade now and while amazed, am not surprised that I keep finding events and places I have not visited, for which I am the poorer for it.

One such event in Le Mars, Iowa, that this year celebrated its 40th year, is the National Traditional Country Music Association, Inc. It is a 7-day festival at the fairgrounds celebrating old time music, much like was played in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”. It touches on a lot of genres and like any music festival, the halls and grounds ring with music. If not from the stage shows, then from the impromptu jam sessions that occur.

I only attended one day, but it was a day filled with an overload of music. The evenings are attended by more people when folk are off work, but there were a fair number there during the day as well. As is often said, “it was a good time had by all.” And an event well worth the time to visit and just enjoy the music that early America grew up on and is still played today.

I recorded a couple groups playing and posted. One the groups is an all girl band, Twang,  with one mom and four young ladies from Arkansas. Their playing is very tight and are simply amazing.



I also heard Glenn Douglas Tubb, nephew of Ernest Tubb.



I saw Roni Stoneman jamming with some other musicians on the grounds. Stoneman played a number of years on the the TV show Hee Haw. A program my parents watched and enjoyed. Other notables did perform and will be performing. A worthwhile event to attend and just forget about the daily events and immerse oneself in music.

The Ohio River Minstrels




Ronnie Jay Wheeler





Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa



2 Responses to “Old Time Music in Siouxland, Le Mars”

  1. mukul chand September 4, 2015 at 12:32 pm #

    Nice post , lovely pictures. Do read and follow these blogs to go on a roller coaster ride of fun and more; http://www.enchantedforests.wordpress.com and http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com

  2. jerrymennenga September 7, 2015 at 6:55 pm #


    Thank you for the kind words.


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