Bike trail in Siouxland, Dickinson County

7 Sep

Earlier this summer I headed north to the Iowa Lake Region to ride a bike trail, the Dickinson County Recreational Trail. On previous visits I had seen various individuals riding about this train that cuts through a few communities both in town and out of town. It looked nice, and safe. I don’t ride my bike in Sioux City because I don’t trust the vehicle drivers, even when I am driving my vehicle. When I first moved here a few years ago from a much larger state, I was surprised my car insurance didn’t drop. Then I found out that the drivers in this particular area of Iowa are some of the worst. I have a good anecdote about this on my first day of work back then, but for another time.

The bike trail, also used for walking and running or jogging, is quite extensive. Part of the time it runs along a lake, at other times it is in the country and then again uses some sidewalks in the communities it runs through that are wide enough to accommodate walkers and bike riders. It does cross streets, but one is able to see well enough to avoid getting hit. And drivers up there seem to be clued into the fact that bike riders also have value. Wouldn’t do to take out a few tourists.

I visited in mid-July and while it was hot, it was not terribly humid. I used to be an avid runner until my knees told me to stop. I like riding a bike, but don’t live for it like I did running. But the trails are sweet, and it made the ride more enjoyable. You could smell the wild flowers along the trail, feel the heat but was spared as it runs under a canopy of trees in many places. And then it also requires that you stop numerous times to just enjoy the view.

After a couple hours of riding, I was done, but then lunch beckoned and a nice walk around the area before heading back to Sioux City.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa



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