Traveling in Siouxland, Peterson

29 Nov

With winter setting in, I know my travels about the Siouxland region will be a bit curtailed. With recent snow and some more expected getting out and about safely becomes a bit of a concern. I have driven on my fair share of “black ice”, finding myself driving creatively until the car slows enough for Rod Serling to relent control of it.

This past October though, I came across a small museum like area in the small town of Peterson, Iowa. Kirchner Village was named for a gentleman who settled in the area and evidently grew to some prominence. Naturally when I drove through the small museum was closed, but it will give me impetus to go back through that area and check it out. History is always fascinating getting to know a bit about a small town or area is wonderful.

The Christian Kirchner home, now at the Kirchner Heritage Village in Peterson, was the first frame house in Clay County, Iowa, built in 1887. Many early settlers built mud huts and lived in these as it was quick and  simple to construct and people could shelter in them fairly easily. The Siouxland region I am sure is markedly different now that when early settlers arrived. So learning more about the area one lives in and near is always beneficial.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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