Siouxland history hidden in the landscape, Elgin Township Cemetery

10 Dec

This fall as I headed into the northern part of Siouxland, I decided I would stop and visit a cemetery I had seen numerous times on treks to Orange City, Iowa. The cemetery is located on a small hillside, overlooking farm fields. Peaceful, the only sounds might be birds and the wind. Occasionally you might hear passing traffic on Highway 60. The Elgin Township Cemetery is located near the small community of Seney, Iowa.

Tombstones in the small cemetery date back to the middle 1800’s. People young, a day old, and older who passed away are located there by reading some of the inscriptions on the grave markers. Throughout various parts of Siouxland one might run across a small cemetery, used for a short period of time, whether it is a former community burial plot or maybe a family’s burial plot who lived on the land for 3-4 generations. Seney is a small community with gravel roads and a Methodist Church. According to some information online the church began in the 1870’s. I don’t know if it is the same church building or not. The small community grew up along a former railroad line, now defunct.

The community, like the cemetery, is peaceful, as least it was when I drove in one afternoon. Like other places, I know it is there. But for one reason or another pass it by. Until I remember to make the effort to slow down and actually stop, look and visit. And visiting is always worthwhile.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa



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