Almost Famous Places in Siouxland, Vail

6 Jan

It’s always kind of fun to be driving along and seen a name and and immediately think of someplace else, more famous. And then wonder which community came first, and why one is known nationally and maybe internationally, and one is not. And then that saying kicks in, “Location, location, location”. Vail, Iowa, is a quick blink on the roadway on Hwy 30 as I was travelling to Carroll, Iowa. I wasn’t expecting to see it specifically, and when I did, thought this place is probably not even close to another Vail, that is Colorado, a place I have not visited but know of, like others, from articles, winter sports, and all the other glamorous attributes I am sure have been given to it.

No, Vail, Iowa, appears to be a small hamlet on the place to somewhere else. Yet it is the home of some, and probably a comfortable place to be once a person is familiar with it. Maybe another visit sometime, when it is warmer and people are outdoors. There is still a vista to see from Vail, just not mountain tops or people carrying skis.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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