Winter is passing, so has the Iowa Caucus, Siouxland

6 Feb

It is now February. And even though a recent blizzard dumped 14 inches of snow into Sioux City, Iowa, and more in some parts of Siouxland, winter is passing. The days are beginning to get longer.

And so too, has the Iowa Caucus event come and gone. The month of January was busy for me covering a number of presidential candidates, both Democrat and Republican, visiting the Siouxland area. I have been covering them since the parade began last summer for ZUMA Press. It is fascinating and surreal at the same time to have these individuals chatting and meeting regular, everyday Iowans who take the time to attend an event. Many of them small, although as time progressed, the events grew as each candidate tried to reach more and more people to support them during the caucus event.

But now Iowa is quiet, for the most part, and the picked candidate for each party won’t return until sometime next fall when they come looking to solidify their support for the general election. The months leading up to the caucus event is an interesting time and one many Iowans cherish to meet and get to know the various candidates. And it will be another four years before the next First in the Nation event takes place again. Kind of like Leap Year. Four years to rest and recoup from this one.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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