Winter’s Embrace in Siouxland, Storm Lake

22 Dec

I drove over to Storm Lake, Iowa a week or so ago to check out a holiday place that I have been meaning to visit but never during the appropriate season, Christmas. It had been snowing most of the morning in Siouxland and I made the trip in the afternoon as the roads were not so accommodating earlier in the day. After my visit to the holiday place which I will soon share, I stopped by the lake in Storm Lake and briefly walked around. I did not spend much time there as I previously have because of a stiff wind and wanting to get on the road before the sun dipped on the horizon. Living in the Midwest, I always respect the possibility of black ice on roadways, since the temperature was hovering around 25 degrees. Welcome winter, with more below zero temps predicted to come, and along with that, snow.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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