Enjoying an Art Day outside of Siouxland, Omaha, NE

31 Jan

As much as I like driving about Siouxland and exploring all that it has to offer, it is sometimes nice to see the “larger world”. I made a trip with a friend down to Omaha, NE and did a little shopping and then spent time visiting the Joslyn Museum. It has quite a collection of art much of which from reading notes next to many pieces have been donated. Original work by Rembrandt, Monet, Pissarro, Twachtman, Grant Wood and many other painters. It also has a nice collection of early Italian art from the 15th century and later.

A fresco that was on canvas had a note of it being created in the early 1400’s. I was amazed, realizing that piece of work is holder than most buildings in the current United States. So it was humbling and refreshing to walk around in quiet to view these pieces and enjoy such a diverse offering of artwork so close at hand. It makes me realize I need to venture out more often and seek out these places as I travel about getting a worthwhile shot in the arm art fix.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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