Some Days are just black and white days in Siouxland, Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve

9 Feb

Winter is a season that has its cloudy grey days as well as the sunshine days. In the winter the clouds usually help keep the temps a little higher than a clear blue sky day or evening sky. Shooting during overcast days during the winter season with brown tones and grey tones is not always that appealing, and so that might be a time to shoot in B&W. The Fuji cameras I am currently using allow the option. Previously when shooting Canon I could shoot in a monochrome setting or convert my images once in Photoshop. But Fuji, ever the purveyor of film emulsions and now simulations, allows one to shoot in B&W, make some adjustments and use a “red” filter, “green” filter or a “yellow” filter. Having cut my teeth on B&W and experimented with the 25 red and 15 yellow filters, I was game. There are times even in other seasons when B&W can be appropriate.

A visit to the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve in Siouxland in January was an overcast day, with a fairly decent temperature for walking about and seeing what was there. And it never hurts to either try something different, or experiment a little if its been a while. It’s just nice to be outside and enjoying nature.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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