Exploring Siouxland, Plymouth County

23 Feb

Some days when I go out for a drive, I just drive. I try to aim my vehicle in a direction I haven’t been to recently and then hope for a little serendipity in my finding an image or two I like. Some days are better than others. On a drive in Plymouth County in October I had nice light and meandered some gravel roads looking for for whatever was there. Part of the experience of photographing my surrounding environment, and by that, I mean whatever environment I happen to be in at the moment, is just experiencing it. When I cruise about I tend to listen to jazz. Sometimes mellow, Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis, but sometimes something more lively, like some Latin jazz I have recently discovered.

The music, the light, the solitary road that stretches for miles and the countryside is to me just a pleasant way to spend a day. I read something recently that some “street photographers” try not to edit their most recent photos too soon after shooting them because of whatever emotional connection they may have had to that experience, and they don’t want that emotion to overshadow the work in and of itself.

Having worked for daily newspapers a number of years and turning images around in a short period of time, I find the emotional connection part of the context. I understand what these photographers are trying to achieve in their work and by editing their images months later, but I enjoy whatever the image provides to me now or later. And hope it stands well enough on its own and in the context provided.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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