Finding Design in Siouxland, Rural Iowa

22 Jul

As I drive about Siouxland I always try to find something interesting to me to photograph. Sometimes it is places, things, people, events. And sometimes it is something simpler.

When one walks into an area, a town, or a place in the community I look at everything. And as I have gotten older I try not to miss much. But still, sometimes once away from a place “things” that I see become more clear. And that happened the other day as I was looking at images to put up on this blog, along with some more recent photos, I saw the lines, angles and shapes.

And I find that selectively photographing parts of items I see can have an appeal in and of itself as well as photographing the entire object. In some ways, it is almost a cat and mouse game with oneself. What did I overlook or see, but did not.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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