Finding Subjects in Siouxland, Beresford, SD

29 Apr

Shapes and color during an outing of the Lifelong Learning Photo Safari class in Beresford, SD Saturday, April 27, 2019. (Jerry L Mennenga©)

When teaching the Lifelong Learning photography classes I have at a local community college in Siouxland I encourage those attending to look and see and photograph what captures their interest and imagination. Everyone sees differently and that is a good thing. But I also encourage people to look at and photograph objects or places and scenes that may not always appeal to them, simply because they may surprise themselves.

During a recent class outing visiting Beresford, SD, the class and I walked about the small community’s downtown area. It had its classic early 19th century buildings and other interesting architecture. But after circling the area a couple of times and having previously visited it last fall, I came upon a wall this time that struck me because of the color involved and its relative starkness. On my first visit it was just an alley. But after the winter and before spring has begun in earnest its renewal, the starkness and color along with the benches created a scene I don’t remember seeing. Many times one just needs patience and a willingness to look at scenes a second time. And it could be a pleasant surprise.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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