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Siouxland Scenics, Plymouth County

15 Jul

So the title of this blog, Lost in Siouxland, is actually a play on words, except when you have a “bad” address or no county road map to help you out. This past weekend I was looking for the Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve which is located in Plymouth County, south of Westfield, Iowa. The address listed on some information forwarded to me was 26764 Highway 12, which would have been okay, except the address actually was in the 24000 block of Highway 12. I drove out north of Sioux City,  but stopped short of finding my destination and drove around some of the county’s back roads I had previously been on when I was previously lost, in Siouxland. But not to lose face, I stopped and made some exposures of a couple of scenes in the county, and then came across a couple of whom I asked directions. They had never heard of the 3300 acre preserve I was talking about, but did know where the buffalo that roam the preserve were at. So I eventually found my destination and attended the 20th anniversary of the preserve’s beginning. In the meantime, while I finish up that project, a couple of the scenics I found while driving lost in Siouxland.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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