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Siouxland and Iowa’s Presidential countdown, Des Moines

29 Jan

Recently I attended an event in Des Moines, Iowa, that basically kicks off the 2016 Presidential countdown for the upcoming election. It seems that there was just an election, the mid-terms, and already political activists and other heavy weights areĀ gearing up. I so some photography for Zuma Press, a photo agency. I photographed the Iowa Freedom Summit jointly sponsored by Iowa’s 4th District Congressman Steve King and Citizens United. It was an event for those very conservative and active members of Iowa’s Republican Party and Tea Party.

It was also an opportunity for me as a photographer to try out a mirrorless camera system, Fujifilm X series of which I have a Fuji X-T1 and a X-E1. The company makes some very nice prime lenses and recently came out with an equivalent 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. The system is smaller than the Canon’s I shoot with and much lighter. And as much as I like these cameras when I am traveling about doing scenics, I wanted to see how they performed in a real-life working situation. Naturally the stage where the speakers were talking from were lit, but still, I was shooting at 1600 ISO and mostly shooting f/2.8. These cameras are not as quick as my Canon’s and work differently in setting them up to shoot with, but I was very pleased. The images themselves turned out very well, not a lot of noise at 1600, and the lenses were accurate and sharp. Shooting in a fast moving news situation these cameras would not function as well as my Canon’s. But one reason I like about them is that they make me become more methodical about my shooting and choosing moments over motor driving for my images. The X-T1 does have a motor drive option, 11 frames per second I believe, and works well. But I hate having to edit 100’s or 1000’s of images that I fire off than fewer when I choose to make the exposure.

Not everyone will agree with me about these cameras, and there are others that are small and nice to work with as well. One local photographer I know bought into the Olympus 4/3’s system, and another I am aware of loves Sony’s A6000. I like the Fuji cameras simply because they remind me of the old F’s I used when younger and shooting B&W without a motor drive. Some days then, my thumb only worked so fast.

With the Presidential contest kicked off in grand style by the conservative Iowa Republicans, I am guessing I will have plenty of opportunity to use these cameras down the road in many more situations and news events.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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