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Siouxland’s Plymouth County Fair, Le Mars

29 Jul

Late summertime in Iowa mean county fairs. While growing up, I belonged to the local 4-H club and showed dairy animals and did “handicrafts” as projects for my club. I believe these days those handicrafts fall under a variety of different descriptions and categories. I visited the Plymouth County Fair over the weekend, and the Woodbury County Fair is this week.

It was a perfect day for a Siouxland fair. Temperatures in the 70’s. Sunshine and lots of great “bad” food to munch on. Generally in July, one can expect hot, humid weather and sweltering while walking around. I hope the weather repeats itself this week.

I didn’t see many of the 4-H projects by club members, whose ages range from 9 or 10 to 18. But I had fun walking around, revisiting my own experiences as a kid going to the fair and photographed different aspects of it with a couple of Holga lenses. One was the “normal” plastic lens while the other was a pinhole lens. I am still trying to figure out how the pinhole lens works on a dslr. The distinctive f/8 or f/16 and be there sharpness is not happening, and I haven’t figured that out yet. Otherwise I did some other shots with a 40mm pancake lens with a polarizer filter. The polarizer almost gives the images a HDR look without the HDR (high dynamic range) photo aspect applied.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa


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