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Siouxland catnaps, Yogi style

19 Mar

There is a neighbor’s cat that for some reason likes to come over and visit from time to time. Clyde, as the neighbor kids call him, seems to know when it’s lunch time, meows outside the door, saunters in and eats whatever my cats are having. Then for a¬†digestif afterwards, he goes crazy for a little catnap, before he finds a place to take a nap. Sometimes I believe he is a Yogi and returned to this life as a cat from the variety of different positions he assumes as he manages to pass an entire afternoon on the couch, or bed, or window spot that he sometimes likes. My cats, begrudgingly, allow Clyde to nap and they find their own space. Then later, when it’s time for a snack, he awakes, then saunters to the door with a meow to let me know it’s time for him to depart. In my next life…….

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Clyde the Cat

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