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A Day in Siouxland, Not to be Wasted, Sioux City

15 May
Cat napping in Sioux City, Iowa , Sunday, March 28, 2021. (photo by Jerry L Mennenga©)

As summer approaches and hopefully warmer weather, as spring time has been a bit wacky, I know two little guys who will spend their days relaxing outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, or shade by product, as they refine the art of “cat napping’. Something not to be taken lightly.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Friends come and go, in Siouxland

8 Feb

It’s true that as one journeys through life one makes friends, changes friends and loses friends. Life just works that way. And the same is true of our four-legged friends as well. I have a couple pet cats currently, and previously have had a number of pets that have called my place home. And then there are the visitors.

Recently a neighbor moved to another part of town and the family’s cat made the trip with them. When I first met Clyde, I thought he was a neighborhood stray. A little cautious but friendly always roaming about at night. The was during the winter months and some nights it was extremely cold.  Then  about 6 months later I learned he belonged to a family that had moved into the neighborhood. The family seemed to have a hard time getting Clyde to come home. He would always come visit my house, especially if he thought he could get a meal, which he always did. He would sit by the door and meow. When he wanted out, he would wander about the house, making certain I saw him and then head for a door. My cue to get my butt over their and act like the butler.

The family moved last December, and I must say I miss Clyde’s visits. Not the most affectionate cat, but he would let me pick him up and pet him and rub his tummy when he was laying about and napping.

But since that time, and somewhat overlapping, another cat has shown up and been getting a meal every now and again, Pumpkin the stray cat. I saw Pumpkin maybe a year or so ago during warmer weather. He came around a few months, I would feed him outside and then content with something in his tummy, he would find a spot nearby and take a nap. This fall and continuing into winter Pumpkin would show up around 6 a.m. and meow outside a back door. I would open it and he would stick his head in then slowly make certain all is right and then come in to find his bowl, much like Clyde did when visiting. Not quite a docile, Pumpkin allows me to pet him, scratch his head and ears and meow at me when he wants to exit.

It’s a tough life, but butlers are hard to come by and they have to be trained just right. I think I am learning. Meantime my own two feline friends watch from a safe distance as I befriend these freeloaders and the younger one sometimes hisses. But neither Clyde nor Pumpkin has shown any indication they really want to fight. They just want to eat and find a safe place to take a nap. When I hear the winding of a cat turbine engine, I get up, find the offending culprit and start saying no. And so far, detente has been very pleasant. But I am cautious. I don’t allow the stranger cats into my house until some time has passed and I feel they are safe and not going to cause mischief or other issues.

So to Clyde I bid adieu and to Pumpkin I say bonjour.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Cat hostel in Siouxland

9 Jul

Some days I feel I am running a cat hostel. The neighbor’s cat, Clyde, has been a frequent guest. Recently, another stray, neighborhood cat (called Pumpkin for want of a name) drops by and is friendly enough. And eats. He doesn’t get to come inside as he is not yet fixed. Should we become friendlier and he does get fixed, that could change. But he eats, and likes a treat every now and again and some catnip. Then he likes to lay in the sun. But Clyde and Pumpkin are not permanent guests.

Poof, one of mine, is older and tends to stay on the deck, well above the fray. As a younger cat, she was a bit of a hellion and taught some neighborhood males to stay out of her yard. But with age, she has mellowed, which thrills me, since the vet bills become more minimal without check ups for bites and such. Everyone keeps a decent demeanor for the most part. And when they sometimes congregate in the yard at the same time, I play traffic cop, scolding and shooing each in a different direction. The yard is big enough, even though the cats might think otherwise.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

The Cats in Siouxland

21 Jun

An ongoing summer theatrical venue is located at Morningside College in Sioux City, at the Betty Ling Tsang  outdoor performance stage on the school’s campus. Music and theatre can be heard there during the summer as performances involving professionals, students and talented town folk are involved in the productions. This weekend a short rendition of the popular “Cats” production was performed, and it was very entertaining. Of course the actors and actresses, if such gender distinctions are still  recognized could take a lesson from Clyde, a visiting neighborhood cat that likes to hang out once in a while. Stretching, yawning and still not falling off his comfy perch puts all the smooth moves I saw this weekend at a different level of performance. But it was a nice performance and break from a summer routine, basically in one’s backyard.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Siouxland catnaps, Yogi style

19 Mar

There is a neighbor’s cat that for some reason likes to come over and visit from time to time. Clyde, as the neighbor kids call him, seems to know when it’s lunch time, meows outside the door, saunters in and eats whatever my cats are having. Then for a digestif afterwards, he goes crazy for a little catnap, before he finds a place to take a nap. Sometimes I believe he is a Yogi and returned to this life as a cat from the variety of different positions he assumes as he manages to pass an entire afternoon on the couch, or bed, or window spot that he sometimes likes. My cats, begrudgingly, allow Clyde to nap and they find their own space. Then later, when it’s time for a snack, he awakes, then saunters to the door with a meow to let me know it’s time for him to depart. In my next life…….

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Clyde the Cat

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