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Siouxland Celebrates the 4th of July, Orange City

8 Jul

Orange City, Iowa, celebrated the Fourth of July with a family fun time in Windmill Park, Wednesday afternoon, with contests for children and a cookout for everyone along with a parade. The folk duo Bella Ruse also performed with  fun, touching and irreverent music. Photographs of the event are here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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Siouxland 4th of July, Latham Park, Sioux City

7 Jul

A hidden gem in the city of Sioux City, Iowa, is Latham Park. It is an original family site of Benjamin Tuets Latham’s family. Benjamin retired from farming near Moville, Iowa, and then settled in Sioux City at 1806 S. Lemon Street. The last member of that family, Clara Latham, died in 1937, and had set up a trust to ensure the park would remain just that, a park to be enjoyed by neighbors and residents. 

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Latham Park is open at various times for people to stroll through the grounds and enjoy the surroundings and quiet of the park. Photographs of the Latham Park pancake breakfast.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux CIty, Iowa

Flag Day in Siouxland, Sioux City

15 Jun

June 14 is Flag Day. It doesn’t garner a big celebration like the Fourth of July, or Memorial Day or even Labor Day. There generally are not any parades or marching bands creating a lot of hoopla on this day. But many Americans celebrate the Stars and Stripes every day, in their own way by flying “Old Glory” at their homes. And standing when they see her pass during other celebrations and parades. For such a symbol, one would think there would be more celebration for Flag day, other than a nod and a feeling that when you see her flying overhead all is well.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux City, Iowa

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