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Sioux City Labor Day Picnic

4 Sep

Labor Day, a time to celebrate the working men and women of this country who actually built this country. All men and women. Because we all contribute in some small significant way. But that contribution is generally drowned out in anti union rhetoric by businesses that are hostile to working men and women who like everyone else, just want a better life for their children. And like with everything else, there is plenty of blame to go around for all sides. Arguments can be made by many why unions are good, and why unions are bad. But what seems to get lost in the rhetoric is that everyone wants business to succeed because then we all succeed.  At least that used to be true. Nowadays, it seems that corporate leaders are generally the ones who leave with golden parachutes while the middle managers and workers have their retirements and pension gutted so as to save the company for the company’s sake. But a company without employees is not really productive. Because it certainly is not the corporate executives who are actually creating the product through which they make their living. And what seems to be missing so often is real meaningful dialogue between the parties. Give and take. Compromise, which seems to be missing from life these days in the U.S. as the country becomes more extreme. There is no more middle, or it keeps diminishing, fading from view because moderates are not a likable lot. Who try to find the good in all things and make that good work amongst all of us, while working through the not so likable ideas. Reprints are available here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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