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Small towns in Siouxland, Elk Point

18 Jul

This is a probably a theme I return to often when writing on my blog. The Siouxland area is vastly populated with small towns, hamlets and unincorporated areas that were thriving communities in another era. But today, some are more thriving than others. And some are thriving, but maybe not to the extent at their founding fathers and current leaders would like. But the crystal ball never really gives up its secrets where the future is concerned.

Elk Point, South Dakota, is a small community across the state line from Iowa and across the Big Sioux River. It is in small communities that many people like to raise their families. Low crime, you know your neighbor and kids can be kids without the harsh realities of larger cities. And it harkens to that rose colored glass look at what life was like in those “simpler” times. Although simpler today was probably not simpler then.

jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Summer Festival in Siouxland, Hull, Iowa

15 Jul

Hull, Iowa, celebrated its SummerFest in Siouxland this past weekend with events for children and a parade Saturday that didn’t lack in floats or candy. The town pride’s itself as the best candy parade in the state of Iowa. And it doesn’t hurt that the Foreign Candy Company is located within the town’s limits. The Hull Chamber of Commerce sponsored the 3-day event which drew a large crowd for Saturday’s parade. The children should be happy until Halloween with the amount of candy they were collecting. Addtional photos of Saturday’s parade can be found here.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux City, Iowa

Siouxland Celebrates the 4th of July, Orange City

8 Jul

Orange City, Iowa, celebrated the Fourth of July with a family fun time in Windmill Park, Wednesday afternoon, with contests for children and a cookout for everyone along with a parade. The folk duo Bella Ruse also performed with  fun, touching and irreverent music. Photographs of the event are here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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Being Lost in Siouxland

20 May

To area residents, Siouxland represents a pretty specific area, or at least an area they have grown up in or learned about when relocating here. There are different ideas about Siouxland. Its geographic confines, mostly denoting Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska and Southeastern South Dakota. Its defined by rivers, farmland, small communities and big heart. People lead simple lives, but during tough times they pull together and help one another. Neighbors, friends, strangers even, making sure that someone in distress isn’t by himself. Otherwise, Siouxlanders go about their lives and live them. Participating in a variety of activities and jobs supporting local sports teams and organizations. Some those activities and people will be found here in coming months. Sharing their lives and thoughts as time moves forward, occasionally looking backward to reminisce. I hope you enjoy their stories.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux City, Iowa

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