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Outbuildings in Siouxland, Everly

2 Aug

Driving through other parts in the northern part of Siouxland I sometimes struggle to find something that catches my eye to photograph. And sometimes it is only one thing. I passed through the small town of Everly, Iowa, a while ago. When I saw the name, it reminded me of a singing duo, the Everly Brothers that some people might remember and others have never heard of them. But as I drove about town, there didn’t seem to be many other sites appealing to me photographically, for what I was looking for, and in no way imparts a judgement about the community.

And sometimes one just doesn’t know what is there until you happen upon it. And as I drive around these parts of Iowa, I am always up for a look see, because you never know what is beyond that next hill.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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