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Revisiting favorite places in Siouxland, Stone State Park

23 Dec

There are some places I go to numerous times out of the year, like many people. Although this particular place is not a favorite restaurant or bookstore and department store. I go to a local park, Stone State Park, located in Sioux City, Iowa, many times throughout the year. Some times I schedule class outings there, but most times I go there by myself.

I like nature. I know the areas I walk and revisit, like many others who also frequent the park. And I always tell students that each time there is something different. The season, the lighting, the foliage, and how you see it. The quiet, the sounds of nature, all combine to make a new experience and an opportunity to really see something change, and to recognize that you understand that. The toughest thing to photograph is something one sees everyday. Those sights almost become backgrounds if we let them. I went there this fall, and again in early winter and photographed the same scene. First, I liked what I saw and photographed them without the thought of comparing them. But after editing the second group of photos, I remembered the first set. I used different techniques to record my vision of what I saw each time, but it gave me pause, and the chance to reflect what I saw, how I saw it, and maybe why I chose to photograph this scene the way I did.

At times when photographing, I shoot pretty straight forward, trying to capture the scene but adding my own thought of light and shade or heavy exposure, reflecting how I like to shoot. But every now and again, I like to experiment and shoot in B&W, or use a Holga lens. Trying to capture some fleeting essence that appeals to me in that particular moment while I am witnessing the scene in front of me, which I know, will be different the next time I visit the park because I will be thinking different thoughts, maybe about current events or other life factors that have passed between my visit then and past.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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