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Siouxland weather again, is Spring here yet? Sioux City

25 Feb

Recently the Siouxland area got a nice snowfall, 10 inches. And while to some that is 10 inches too much, for others, it was a pleasant diversion to an almost snowless winter. I personally like to snow shoe, and this past snowfall was light, powdery and excellent snow to venture out into. And I did that over the weekend at Stone State Park. I was hoping for more snowfall this week, but it looks like this coming snow storm that is hitting the Plains states, will miss us here in Northwest Iowa, while giving Des Moines and points south a little more snow. And while the weather this winter doesn’t seem a bit off anyway, this past weekend it was also very foggy. The nice temps gives one an early taste of Spring Fever, and that is welcomed too. I just hope it brings a few showers for those later flowers and not leave the area high and dry.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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