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Enjoying a nice evening in Siouxland, Rural Plymouth County

4 Dec

Sometimes serendipity is a nice thing. While visiting with some friends over the Thanksgiving holiday I was greeted with a glorious site as I headed home. Anymore I don’t carry long lenses with me as I seldom use or need them for the kind of photography I do these days. But this was a time I wish I had one so I could photograph a scene a bit tighter. But still, I was glad I could stop on a backroad, get out, and enjoy what I saw while still making a couple of photographs to remind me that nature is surprising sometimes. Although probably not to those who follow the moon phases. But, I happen not to be one of those folk and just like the surprise as I crested a small hill and saw the scene unfold in front of me.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

The moonrise in rural Plymouth County, Iowa Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga©)

Over the Moon in Siouxland, Bronson

15 Jan

Early one evening I thought I would go out and look for images in Siouxland having seen too many beautiful sunsets a few days previous. The color in the sky, the fact that the cold, arctic air had not yet descended on Siouxland made it hard not to go. This time out though I didn’t find the beautiful setting I was hoping for to show the setting sun, but did find a spot in the Floyd Township Cemetery on a hill to see the moon rising.

An older grave marker from another century has seen the moon rising for decades from the Floyd Township Cemetery near Bronson, Iowa Thursday Nov. 30, 2017. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga)

I don’t shoot with long lenses anymore. Not working for newspapers the glass was laying about gathering dust and these days I spend more time working with short primes and shooting a little more atmospheric as it were. Sometimes shooting tight meets the needs of telling a story by eliminating other elements surrounding a subject. Shooting with shorter lenses challenges one to do better.

The moonrise was pretty and the setting sun lent that somber feel to the resting place for earlier settlers who had come to this area to start a life. On a hill, peaceful in the country setting, a place to contemplate a life lived and what comes after and a change of one day into another.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

The rising moon becomes visible over the countryside near Bronson, Iowa Thursday Nov. 30, 2017. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga)

The moon risES over the countryside and the Floyd Township Cemetery near Bronson, Iowa Thursday Nov. 30, 2017. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga)

Moonrise over Siouxland, Rural Plymouth County

11 Dec

Moonrise photographs are always eye-catching. And generally professional photographers and other serious photographers use a long lens and shoot when it is ideal to show the moon in all its glory. But sometimes it’s just fun to capture it when it’s there. And recently, again experimenting with a small mirrorless camera and less than telephoto lens I photographed the moonrise in Plymouth County, Iowa. Even though it is December, there is still no snow on the ground, so no light reflection bouncing off the earth and “filling” the scene with additional light. But I was happy with my results, along with a barn image I found earlier before heading home.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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