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Siouxland’s Adams House Museum, Ponca, NE

2 Oct

I visited the Adams House Museum in Ponca, Nebraska, this summer and enjoyed a throw back into time in the Nebraska area of Siouxland. Located just down the street from the Cook’s Blacksmith Shop, Jackie King-Coughlin, Ponca Historical Society president, was giving tours of the house and filling in some of the history and background of the former family residence and artifacts within. Such as the crank washing machine, the “3-D” picture viewer and information about the Adams family, no relation to those of TV fame.

There are so many gems that we can find in “our own backyard” that I am always grateful in stumbling across them while just driving about, and sometimes doing a little search on the internet. I haven’t explored Nebraska as much as I have Iowa, but I need to do more. Seeing what life was in former times is always fascinating and helpful in understanding how people lived then. Reprints for the Adams House can be found here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City

Siouxland PRCA rodeo, Cherokee

4 Jun

The Cherokee, Iowa, Chamber recently hosted a PRCA rodeo over the weekend with livestock supplied by the Barnes Rodeo Stock Company located in Peterson, Iowa. A parade preceding the event Saturday, June 2, 2012, through the downtown area of Cherokee was a fun event with a variety of floats, animals, (horses of course) and people getting everyone in the mood for the rodeo that followed. A jail break event even occurred during the parade put on by the Western Iowa Border Agents re-enactors. And of course, the rodeo that followed thrilled the spectators but left some of the contestants more bruised and broke than happy and paid. More photos here.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux City, Iowa

Being Lost in Siouxland

20 May

To area residents, Siouxland represents a pretty specific area, or at least an area they have grown up in or learned about when relocating here. There are different ideas about Siouxland. Its geographic confines, mostly denoting Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska and Southeastern South Dakota. Its defined by rivers, farmland, small communities and big heart. People lead simple lives, but during tough times they pull together and help one another. Neighbors, friends, strangers even, making sure that someone in distress isn’t by himself. Otherwise, Siouxlanders go about their lives and live them. Participating in a variety of activities and jobs supporting local sports teams and organizations. Some those activities and people will be found here in coming months. Sharing their lives and thoughts as time moves forward, occasionally looking backward to reminisce. I hope you enjoy their stories.

Jerry Mennenga, Sioux City, Iowa

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