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Leaving Siouxland for parts South, Mexico City

4 Nov

This past summer I traveled with some parishioners of the Sioux City Diocese who took a pilgrimage to Mexico City and also witnessed the ordination of a new priest for the local Diocese, Fr. Maruro Sanchez.


Visiting holy shrines in Mexico City as well as seeing other sites gave a great perspective of remembering that in some ways, everyone is more similar than different. Different languages, different cultural preferences but the same love of family, love of God and trying to make the best of what the world presents makes it humbling and appreciative of those few things we possess and the fact that we really don’t need much more.

It was great to watch those traveling to be inspired by their faith and possibly gaining a recommitment to be a better practitioner of their faith to others. I appreciated the history of the Catholic faith as it came about in Mexico through our guide Fernando Castaneda who worked tirelessly to help us understand the depth of catholicism in Mexico.

As many others have said, traveling is truly a better way to gain an understanding of the world and our own small part in it and to see beyond our borders, outside of Siouxland, and understand that others have the same dreams as we do ourselves and to accept that we can all benefit from divine intervention at various points in our lives.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Siouxland Catholic Clergy Ordination, Sioux City

2 Jul

Recently I photographed the ordination of two young men pursuing their dreams at the Sioux City Diocese. One gentleman became a deacon and the other a priest. I am sure the deacon will also eventually become a priest as well. No matter what one’s views of religion, or which sect of religion a person may believe or not believe in, it was evident photographing these two young men of their faith, and also the joy of their families as years’ of hard work came to fruition. The local Bishop noted that each young man came from a different country as compared to Sioux City, Iowa, and Siouxland in general. One is from Mexico, the other from Los Angeles, California. It’s probably true that the proclivities of Mexico closer approximate those of the area. The Catholic Globe, a local diocese newspapers covered the event and put up video and photos for its parishioners and others to see.

No matter what one’s calling in life is, to be able to pursue your dream and help other people along the way is always a blessing. More images of the ordination can be found here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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