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It’s Snow Quiet in Siouxland Winter, Stone State Park

27 Nov

Recently the Siouxland area received its first snow fall. A few inches. Less than some, more than others. I didn’t go out into the weather right away, as it had rained earlier, which turned into sleet, iced the roads, then the snow fell. And sometimes drivers don’t do so well after that first snow fall.

When I could though, I headed for Stone State Park within the city limits of Sioux City. I could see some folks had already escaped to the park earlier. There were footprints, snow mobile tracks and cross country ski tracks. Along with critter tracks. But when I showed up a couple days after the snowfall, there was no one else there. It’s nice to get away from the city, even if its within the city. No sounds, but birds, a little wind, which was good because it was cold, and some rustling as deer made their way to other areas in the park.

I realized as I walked that it is hard to relate one’s outings into nature. I can share photos, but I can’t share the sounds, or lack there of, the smells, and the quiet. And the absolute bliss it is to quietly walk along and cluck at curious deer who stop to watch the stranger approach that keeps talking and clucking at them. To a point. Then they scurried off, up a hillside and out of sight.

I look forward to some more winter walks, hopefully with more snow so I can snowshoe, but also not as cold as it sometimes get. Meandering in nature is a wonderful way to spend and pass the time, I just don’t want to freeze my tush as I do it.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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