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Small Siouxland community, Maurice

14 Feb

Maurice, Iowa, is a small rural community in northwest Iowa. Tucked away in Sioux County near Sioux Center, the first thing one spots approaching the town are the cement grain elevators of the Midwest Farmer’s Coop. It doesn’t take long to make a loop through the community. It stills has a post office but no longer has its own school, long ago consolidated with another community as people moved away leaving only a few residents behind. But that is the nice thing about small communities, they are quiet, everyone knows their neighbor and there generally is not a lot of fuss going on. I met a couple residents and another gentleman at a business and had nice chats with all. It’s a place I pass driving north a number of times, and will probably stop in again if just to say hello to the people I met.

With warmer weather popping up more frequently, it is nice to get out and see more of Iowa and meet new people.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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