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Nature’s Beauty after a Snow Storm in Siouxland, Sioux City

2 Feb

Sometimes the silver lining in a storm shows itself afterwards although that might be putting a nice spin on such an event. After a recent blizzard event in Siouxland and the more than 11 inches that fell in Sioux City, a couple days later nature gave the residents a show, although brief. The day started somewhat overcast and cloudy and soon sun began to appear. Many tree tops were still covered with frozen rain (ice) prior to the snow and with the sunshine it created a magical but brief visual.

Sunshine created a magical winter wonderland after a blizzard in Sioux City, Iowa Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga)


Sunshine sunshine created a magical winter wonderland after a blizzard in Sioux City, Iowa Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018. (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga)

I had debated going out that day to look for photos and decided I would stick around the house and pursue other necessary chores and then peeked outside and saw the transformation that lasted maybe an hour or two. But even though I wasn’t in the country looking over a field that might have been a bit more grandiose in scale and image, I was happy to see the sunshine returning and giving the day a short, bright appearance that put a smile on my face.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Seeing Siouxland through the Window, Sioux City

23 Jan

Every year when winter descends on Siouxland like it does every other temperate zoned place, my two little friends, Poof and Small Fry become a little sullen and “patiently” wait for the return of Spring. On those days when the temps are in the high 30’s, or like recently, 40’s, and the sun is shining, they will venture for a while outside. But most days find them contemplating their anticipated Spring antics from their nap posts, enjoying what sunshine there is and waiting for warmer days.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

Siouxland in a Deep Freeze, Stone State

13 Jan

The last few weeks in Siouxland, give or take a few days here and there, have been very cold. The kind of cold that drives a person to stay indoors, look at life through one’s windows and only venture out when your tongue doesn’t painfully stick to any pieces of metal one is crazy enough to encounter on a dare. During a warmer period of this deep freeze period, I did venture outside to a local state park, Stone State Park in Sioux City, Iowa. It has a number of trails for hiking, and during the winter months, the park’s roads are closed. So to enjoy it, you need to walk. The nice thing about winter months with little snow is that walking becomes a little easier and it’s possible to hike over hillsides normally covered in brush and bramble making it impossible to get through. Allowing one to photograph items like lichen on a fallen log. It was a nice walk with temps in the 40’s, enough to work up a little sweat through my layers. The down side to the winter months is that photographically it can be a bit boring. Getting up early to catch the morning light is very chilling, and some mornings you just don’t want to wake up with a start as a 30 mph wind gust hits your face.

It is a wacky winter with temps jumping back and forth. With temps currently again in the 40’s and 30’s, it feels like a heat wave. Temps in the 20’s would as well after temperatures below -5 plus windchill making it feel like -40. But like all cyclical things, warmer weather is on the way. And the possibility of getting back outside to explore it is exciting.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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